Pet Odor Removal

You love your pets and they are very much part of the family.  Sometimes we forget that they are animals, except when we notice an unpleasant odor that is in our carpets and upholstery.   When guests come over you are concerned about the odor and spend a significant amount of time trying to get rid of pet odor before family and friends arrive.  We can relate and that is why we have developed Sparky’s Carpet Care “Pawrific” Pet Odor and Stain Removal service.


Sparky’s Pawrific process is safe for your pets and children while also effective enough to remove pet and other odors from your carpets.

Pawrific Pet Friendly Carpet Care Pet Odor and Stain Removal

appleSparky-Carpet-Cleaning-Eco-Friendly-Dry-Carpet-Cleaning-Lancaster-PASparky’s Carpet Care – “Pawrific” Pet Odor and Stain Removal Carpet Services 

Our pets are part of the family and if you are like us, you try your best to make sure they are in a fun, happy, healthy and safe home.  After all,“Special Pets Deserve Special Services”.   Sparky’s Carpet Care is excited to offer our “Pawrific” dry carpet cleaning service specifically designed for pet owners who are looking for a safe, non-toxic and pet friendly way to clean their carpets and help remove pet odor and pet stains from their carpet.

Benefits of Pawrific Dry Carpet Cleaning Care

  • Pet Friendly
  • Non-Toxic – safe for kids and pets
  • Quick Dry Time – dry within minutes
  • Eco-Friendly + Kid Friendly + Pet Friendly equals PAWTASTIC

Our custom “Pawrific” carpet cleaning service is specially designed for our furry friends and helps eliminate pet odors and stains in carpets while keeping harmful chemicals out.  After all, “Special Pets Deserve Special Services” – Pawtastic!

Sparky’s “Pawrific Pet Odor and Stain Removal Service” uses natural enzymes and oxygen based natural formula that help break down the bacteria that causes odor and helps prevent areas being marked again.

Professional And Experienced

Sparky’s Carpet Care is dedicated to helping provide a safe place for our family and pets.  One of the ways we strive to provide outstanding service is by offering our “PAWS” Promise for pet owners.


Pet Friendly, Non-Toxic, Dry Carpet Cleaning” Serving Lancaster and York County, PA