Stain Removal

Sparky’s Carpet Care knows that stains in carpet can be frustrating and be an unsightly nuisance that at times seems like it is growing.  With Sparky’s Carpet Care stain removal service we do our best to help reduce and eliminate stains in carpets.  Although we would love to say all stains can be removed, some stains may be permanent due to carpet loosing its color from bleaching or the color dye.

Why do my stains seem to come back after a period of time?  This is a great question and sometimes the stains in carpets seem like they are gone but then come back and lead to more staining.  This is often due to sticky residue from cleaning agents left in the carpet and they act as a magnet attracting more dirt and grim to the area that was treated.   Sparky’s Carpet Care uses a special technique of dry carpet cleaning that helps eliminate sticky residue and helps reduce or remove stains.



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