Tile & Grout

Sparky’s tile and grout cleaning service is specially designed for those hard to clean floor surfaces.  Have you ever wondered what happened to your floors?  How did they become so dirty?  Tile and Grout floors are oftentimes made of porous material that lets dirt in and leads to dirty and sometimes unattractive results.  With Sparky’s Carpet Care tile and grout cleaning we use an effective method to help clean floors and help bring your surfaces back to a cleaner, healthier look.


Environmentally Safe

One of the benefits of Sparky’s Carpet Care tile and grout cleaning service is that it helps save you time of having to deal with cleaning the surfaces.  Another benefit is that we use cleaning supplies that are safer for kids and pets with our goal of “Helping Create A Happy, Healthy, Home”. This is important as it can help reduce allergens and help rid of mold which can pose health hazards for your family and pets.


Pet Friendly, Non-Toxic, Dry Carpet Cleaning” Serving Lancaster and York County, PA